Hello again!  In an effort to be more in touch with our lovely subscribers, we wanted to update you as to what’s been happening in the world of The Generous Gardener over the last few months. 
Our spring and summer lecture days were a great success, each day filled with knowledgeable gardener guests. Exceptional lecturers both entertained and informed us. We all learnt a great deal and had the opportunity to question them whether it be design conundrums, pest and disease queries or new plant choices for our gardens. 

Jinny Blom in full flow 

Speaker Niff Barnes (right)

Designers Adam Hunt, Lulu Urquhart and Plantsman Jimi Blake

Pippa Greenwood demonstrating mesh netting with the help of James Alexander-Sinclair 

Sarah B enjoying the gardens. Definitely a work trip!

This was an opportunity to start planning next year’s programme and was great fun too! We’ve got  exciting ideas for our 2024 lecture days and so watch this space!
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